The Divine Power of Prophecy Empowers and Renews

Prophetic Directions is a highly reputable religious website that is operated under the guidance of Zoe Ministries and Master Prophet E Bernard Jordan . The power of prophecy is an amazing thing, and Bishop Jordan Prophecies are even more amazing, with the high level of accuracy that he demonstrates in his free online spiritual readings. We are a Prophetic Network Ministry that has a complete company of prophets to give people the spiritual directions that they need to achieve greatness in their lives.

Understanding What Prophecy Angels Are

Most people are under the misconception that angels are little cherubs with golden halos above their heads. The fact of the matter is that angels look like every day ordinary people. They are messengers from God that are brought to us to bring power, peace, greatness, prosperity, good health, joy, and wealth. They actually speak to us daily, but we often aren’t in tune with ourselves to be able to hear them. Their main mission is to reveal the plan and purpose that God has for each one of our lives. They appear as humans, and they are simply waiting for people to open up to have them in their lives. Master Prophet Bernard Jordan and his school of spiritual direction, delves further into much more detail about prophecy angels and their roles.

What We Can Offer

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The Power of a Personal Prophecy Reading

Bishop Jordan Prophecies empowers people to take control of their lives. His school of the prophets has taught the power of prophecy to numerous students since it was established decades ago. God never gives people more than they can handle, but oftentimes they lose their faith because they feel overwhelmed and lose touch with their inner faith. God simply wants to make people stronger, and he gives everyone challenges that they must face in life. How you approach your problems is what god wants to see. He wants to know how you will prevail. Bishop Bernard E Jordan and his school of prophets can help these people through remarkable prophecy readings that will give them real insight into their lives. Request your free personal prophecy today to embark on a spiritual journey that will renew your faith in Christ our lord.

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Contact us today at 888-831-0434 to learn more about Bishop Jordan or the services that we offer. We will be pleased to answer your questions, or to help you fill out the request personal prophecy form to get your own prophecy. Bishop Jordan has more than 30 years of experience in providing prophecies, so place your trust in the best by contacting us today. Let us show you why our prophecy readings are second to none. Spiritual freedom and renewal is just a phone call away.